Prompt 5 ‘Shapes’ – Scribble Drawing

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We have to make a mark, even if it’s only a scribble
-John Steinbeck

Your challenge: Make a scribble drawing
  •  First, create or find some uninhibited scribbles, from a child’s drawing or a dog’s muddy footprints on paper. Or make your own, by scribbling on paper with closed eyes in a slow circular motion using one continuous line, if possible.
  • Next, look for an image amongst the scribbles to outline. What can you see in the mess? Do any images or shapes emerge? Is there a bird hiding in the scribbles? A person? An animal? Can you use the energy in the stroke that is already there? Turn your paper this way and that. Don’t see anything? Turn your paper another way.
  • When you find your special something inside your drawing, outline it with a dark marker/pen/pencil/crayon.
  • Take your drawing as further, if you like, filling it in with colour, cutting it out, or whatever.
Resources to help:
  • Need some scribbles? It’s easy to make your own, but you can also download and print some of ours. | Scribble 1| Scribble 2 | Scribble 3 | Scribble 4 |
  • Cheat and complete two steps using the scribbler . This allows you to start to create a “generative illustration” based on your drawing. You can print or save it afterward by following the instructions on the left hand side of the screen.
How to share:
  • For Photos/Art/Digital Art Use Twitter, Instagram or Facebook @campuscreate your response. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #shapespark
  • If you are not on social media, find out how to participate