Prompt 3 ‘Teanga’- Lost in translation

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Galway by phalinn, on Flickr
“Galway” (CC BY 2.0) by  phalinn


“Gleann na gCaorach
means something beautiful.
Glenageary means nothing at all.”
From ‘Half a Hug’ by Pat Ingoldsby, Willow Publications 1998. Gleann na gCaorach = glen/valley of the sheep

Your Challenge: Check out a place name in your locality and interpret your findings in a photo, six word poem, or in a drawing



Check out to find the origin of names in your locality

or search for a place names in Co. Galway here (Galway City Library), Co. Clare here (Clare County Library) or Co. Mayo here (Mayo County library)

Prompt 2 ‘Time’ – Science Fiction Novel

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We can now listen to the dark universe

In the last week US scientists have, after decades of effort succeeded in detecting gravitational waves from the violent merging of two black holes in deep space.

These waves are in the frequency range that humans can actually hear. We can now listen to the dark universe.

Listen here.


Your challenge: Write a Science-Fiction novel in 6 words



What is a Six Word Novel? Find out here

See some examples of Six Word Stories

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