Prompt 1-5 ‘I’ ‘Express your ‘self”

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My eye by orangeacid, on Flickr
“My eye” Image: Flickr (CC BY 2.0) by orangeacid

This week it’s all about Me, Myself, I.

We have a list of ideas for you below to help express your ‘self’. If you can, challenge yourself to try 3 of these throughout the week.

Share your inspiration with us during our final week of CampusCreate.

It’s been great getting to know you all, we hope you enjoyed participating and that you found inspiration in each other’s creativity.

So…..what are you waiting for?….Challenge yourself……..Go Create! 


Challenge:  Over the course of the week, take 3 of these ideas. Express your ‘self’



  Make a portrait of yourself in twenty years. Or in fifty years. Or both
  Write an autobiographical poem or write the chapter titles in your autobiography. Or illustrate your book cover
 Draw something you keep putting off, or something that causes you to procrastinate
  Explore what your space says about you
 Express yourself in art – Use a journal to record your stream of consciousness.  Record your thoughts, draw images that come to your mind
 Bullet your day – (Describe what you do exactly). Can you make art or write a poem from your objective descriptions?
 Take an engaging self portrait of yourself (Not exactly a selfie, show who you are without including yourself, or include only part of your face or body)
 Happy Memories. Can you turn them into something artistic, what were the colours, smells, can you create a colour palette inspired by where you were?
 Lose yourself in your imagination. If your favourite artist, musician, author, film maker, or photographer, commissioned you to create something based on their work, what would you make?
 Have fun with your personal style
 Take a photograph that captures an emotion at the moment of pressing the shutter button, what do you see that connects with that emotion?


How to share:
  • Use Twitter, Instagram or Facebook @campuscreate to post your response. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ispark
  • If you are not on social media, find out how to participate